Gio's Tour Diaries

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Hey folks!  Gio is back in the band, and that means blog updates!  I do love writing these things...  and there's a fun twist to this particular tour.  I've been drawing and writing tour-related adventure stories for my 4 year old daughter (and family) back home to stay in touch.  They don't interact well with our current website, so I've had to leave them on my own website - but I'm bolstering up our own blog with some words here or there. 

So - please do check out our blog from time to time, and - if you're interested in wizards, towers, monsters and super heroes - check out the tour adventures. 

See you on the road soon!

We're on Tourrrrrrrr!!!!

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Hail hail!!  We Brethren Comatose are in Philidelphia right now.  We got in yesterday to go to a FOO FIGHTERS SHOW!!! (Courtesy of the legendary Uncle Pierre.  Thanks again, Pierre.) Dave Grohl rocked our socks off for 3 hours.  He is a Rock Lord, and we want to be his disciples.  Where do we apply for that? 

Before we head off on a rock pilgramage to follow Dave Grohl around and learn his mystical ways, we're going to play a ton of shows and do this massive, zig-zaggy tour route across this massive United States of America. 

Come out and say hello, people! 

We're headed to DelFest!

Submitted by Ben on what the people say when headed to this fine festival...of which we've only had the pleasure of hearing about. People all across the land praise it, saying it's one of the best of its kind. We shall see this weekend and report back to all you fine people. I mean...look at that lineup. It definitely will not suck.

Terrapin Crossroads with Phil Lesh

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Well that was one crazy show! Ups, downs, fiddle string breaks, banjo re-strings and ultimate triumph with much rocking from the Terrapin Family Band and Phil Lesh. It was nutty...and we had a blast! You can read all about it in Alan Sheckter's review here:

And here's a pic from Stuart Levine..

Join us at Pickathon - July 31-Aug2

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Hey all,

We are incredibly excited to announce that we'll be performing at Pickathon this year at Pendarvis Farm in Happy Valley, OR. We hear it's one of the coolest festivals in the land...and you should join us! Check out for lineup and details.