The Brothers Comatose

May 2012

Back from the Southeast

On the jumbotron at Georgia’s Banjo-B-Que

We had an absolutely killer time in South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina over the weekend.  Swam in the Atlantic, ate Barbeque, played lots of music, and rolled deep in a 2012 Ford Flex.  Wait.. forget that last part.  And don’t tell the van.  She is the jealous type.  More details on the ‘ol Bloggy Blog.

In upcoming news – check out that tour calendar!  New show opening for Nicki Bluhm (she’s the lovely lady singing with us on ‘Morning Time’) just announced, and right around the corner!  Also tons of touring – to Southern California, to Colorado, to the Northwest, and then into the Midwest this summer. 

Thanks for all the support for the new album!  Our official store has the lowest price for digital downloads on the internet!  Also, it’s the only place in the multi-verse where you can order hard copies of the vinyl!!  So beautiful! 

The East Coast Tour

We miss our van.

After 12 hours in airports and airplanes on Wednesday, we missed our sweet, roomy, comfortable, able-to-fall-asleep-in van.  If only it could go 500mph, and fly.  We made it through our flight itinerary intact – made the flights, no one was seized at the security check point – it was great.  …until…  United didn’t deliver the 2 bags that we checked – Ryan’s personal bag with his mando gear and his clothes, and our great-big-bag-o-merch.  Booooo United!  Boooo unhelpful customer service department!  We have been seriously underwhelmed at the help and assistance we received from those United folk.  On the plus side, we did get to hang out in airports and wait for baggage in rocking chairs (thanks South Carolina.)

Today we drove to Charleston which – unbeknownst to us West Coasterners – has some  warm, wonderful and swimmable beaches.  Who knew?  Thankfully, Phil knew – Pennsylvania boy that he is.  We had ourselves a good time.  Also of note:  Yuengling beer – the oldest brewery in the states.  Also, very tasty.  Also, $14 for a 24 pack.  Great day at the beach.  Just look at these two yahoos right here for proof:

The evening was spent at the very righteous Charleston Pour House.  We played outside on a patio stage in the sticky warmth of Charleston.  Had a ball.  Met nice folk.  Decided that Charleston is awesome.

Tomorrow we go to the Banjo-B-Que.  We haven’t eaten since Wednesday morning in preparation for this festival.  We’ll try and remember to play music too.


Today is the day!  Check out our beautiful NEW STORE!!  The ONLY place where you can buy physical copies of the CD and the Vinyl and the CHEAPEST place to get a full album download – only $7.99 here folks!!  Because we love you tons.  We are really proud of this here music-baby-child.  Hope you enjoy spending time with it!

Thank You!

We can’t thank you all enough for the support and love!  We love you, we thank you, and thanks for blowing our minds last night with your rowdy good-time selves.  We’ll get some photos up as we recover this week.  Enjoy that new album.  And remember: Respect The Van.

This Week’s Press Links!

We love our city!  San Francisco has shown us a heap-ton of support for this upcoming album release party, and for the release of Respect The Van next Tuesday.  Thank you bloggers, magazines, music writers and music lovers of the Bay Area!  Can’t wait to share some brewskies with ye tomorrow night.

Here’s what went on this week:

SF Weekly posted this beautiful bit of prose:

SF deal-savvy legend and great movie afficionado, Broke-Ass-Stuart gave us a shout out:

The great bassist and writer, Gabe Meline, took note of our ever-more-naked selves in the North Bay Bohemian:

Performer Magazine was also entranced by our alluring strip-tease:

Modern Luxury’s San Francisco Magazine pumped up the release show:

Thanks again for the good word.  Off to bed now.  Sleeping with Creedence under the pillow, curled up in our matching Quicksilver Messenger Service Pajamas.

The Brothers Comatose vs. Slash

This just in: if you click this link right here, you can vote for “Respect The Van” as the most looked-forward-to-album-releasing-next week.  Our competition?  Slash and The Cult.  HELP US DEFEAT SLASH!  Or, if you’ve been looking for a platform to tell the world how much you’re looking forward to Slash’s new album, click away, my good man, click away!

318! And Counting!

Photo 7: 300 tickets

All undies.

We are almost there folks!  Now, the way it all worked isn’t quite there with the math… we had a few less photos taken than we needed… which means that you won’t even have to wait for a pre-sale sellout for the full moon payoff.  All we need is 350 pre sales!!  Tell your friends!  Tell those people you know are going to come, but haven’t bought the tickets yet, and let’s get there!!  Only 24 hours left – go get them tickets already.

Album Release Show & Operation Buck Wild

Album Release Show is Tomorrow Night @ Great American Music Hall!  Operation Buck Wild is in full effect, as you can see below.  We’re at 280 as of this morning.  20 more tickets, and those pants / shirts are coming off! Buy them tickets!

Photo 6: 250 tickets

Photo 6

Photo 5: 200 tickets

Photo 5

Photo 4: 150 Tickets

Photo 3: 100 Tickets

Photo 2: 50 Tickets

Photo 1:  0 tickets


It has been months in the planning, the designing, the crafting, and we are so pleased to bring it to you now.  In honor of the soon to be released Respect The Van, we bring you our new internet home.  Highlights include a guide to our recent posts (over yonder <— ), a more detailed shows list over here —> , and – the most lovable feature – a delightful and beautiful media page (up there in the nav bar).  Take a turn around the joint, get a feel for the new digs, and have fun click click clicking away.

Land of Gold, Trans-Vans, and New Websites

Well, this may be our last week for the ‘ol WordPress powered site.  

It’s been a good run.

We went from the home made, held together with scotch tape, love, and a always-nearby-how-to-code-HTML-real-easy-like text book site of yester-year, to the lovely, WordPressy, old-timey-wood-paneled site of today…  

And soon?  Drupal will be powering our site of tomorrow. 

Some things will be very, very awesomely improved.  Some will be the same.  It is our dear hope that none of the things will become less awesome in this website evolutionary step.

Over the weekend we traveled to Oroville, CA, for a performance at the Butte County Beer Fest.  If you put the words Beer Fest at the end of your event, chances are we will be playing it… even if you don’t invite us.  Turns out that Oroville translates (from the Swedish) to “Land Of Mighty, Gusty Winds”.  

The shade structure we played under (which was entirely and absolutely necessary) was in constant threat of blowing away.  In fact, mid-song, one of the posts just started to sail up, up, and away.  I had to leave my bass playing duties temporarily and grab the damn thing so that it wouldn’t… blow away?  collapse the tent?  explode?  Who knows.  I like to think that I saved the day, though all would – most likely – have been well.

What a Trans-Van?  Dammmmmmmn, fool.  

Look it up.

Trans-Vans are the only pre-1980 way to travel.  If you haven’t Trans-Vanned, you have never really been ‘on the road’ as that Jack Kerouac guy put it.  He probably had a Trans-Van.