The Brothers Comatose

Land of Gold, Trans-Vans, and New Websites

Well, this may be our last week for the ‘ol WordPress powered site.  

It’s been a good run.

We went from the home made, held together with scotch tape, love, and a always-nearby-how-to-code-HTML-real-easy-like text book site of yester-year, to the lovely, WordPressy, old-timey-wood-paneled site of today…  

And soon?  Drupal will be powering our site of tomorrow. 

Some things will be very, very awesomely improved.  Some will be the same.  It is our dear hope that none of the things will become less awesome in this website evolutionary step.

Over the weekend we traveled to Oroville, CA, for a performance at the Butte County Beer Fest.  If you put the words Beer Fest at the end of your event, chances are we will be playing it… even if you don’t invite us.  Turns out that Oroville translates (from the Swedish) to “Land Of Mighty, Gusty Winds”.  

The shade structure we played under (which was entirely and absolutely necessary) was in constant threat of blowing away.  In fact, mid-song, one of the posts just started to sail up, up, and away.  I had to leave my bass playing duties temporarily and grab the damn thing so that it wouldn’t… blow away?  collapse the tent?  explode?  Who knows.  I like to think that I saved the day, though all would – most likely – have been well.

What a Trans-Van?  Dammmmmmmn, fool.  

Look it up.

Trans-Vans are the only pre-1980 way to travel.  If you haven’t Trans-Vanned, you have never really been ‘on the road’ as that Jack Kerouac guy put it.  He probably had a Trans-Van.  

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