The Brothers Comatose

The East Coast Tour

We miss our van.

After 12 hours in airports and airplanes on Wednesday, we missed our sweet, roomy, comfortable, able-to-fall-asleep-in van.  If only it could go 500mph, and fly.  We made it through our flight itinerary intact – made the flights, no one was seized at the security check point – it was great.  …until…  United didn’t deliver the 2 bags that we checked – Ryan’s personal bag with his mando gear and his clothes, and our great-big-bag-o-merch.  Booooo United!  Boooo unhelpful customer service department!  We have been seriously underwhelmed at the help and assistance we received from those United folk.  On the plus side, we did get to hang out in airports and wait for baggage in rocking chairs (thanks South Carolina.)

Today we drove to Charleston which – unbeknownst to us West Coasterners – has some  warm, wonderful and swimmable beaches.  Who knew?  Thankfully, Phil knew – Pennsylvania boy that he is.  We had ourselves a good time.  Also of note:  Yuengling beer – the oldest brewery in the states.  Also, very tasty.  Also, $14 for a 24 pack.  Great day at the beach.  Just look at these two yahoos right here for proof:

The evening was spent at the very righteous Charleston Pour House.  We played outside on a patio stage in the sticky warmth of Charleston.  Had a ball.  Met nice folk.  Decided that Charleston is awesome.

Tomorrow we go to the Banjo-B-Que.  We haven’t eaten since Wednesday morning in preparation for this festival.  We’ll try and remember to play music too.

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