The Brothers Comatose

June 2012

Off to Kate Wolf and Colorado

The Blog has more details, but we wanted to share at least one of the awesome photos that Katie Shapiro nabbed while we visited LA.  Her title for this one:  “The Brady Bunch”.

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Finished our weekend tour at Lagunitas last night, and we’ll see you at Kate Wolf this weekend, and in Colorado after that!

LA Photo Shoots, Ben’s Birthday, and Lagunitas

Holy smokes.

We’re back from a pretty glorious little weekend tour down to the southlands of California.  Some seriously great times were had.  We stayed at chateu Avallone – complete with blueberry pancakes, 3am pizza bakes, and lots of amazing family.  Now it’s back to cold cereal and our scruffy selves.  Sigh.

Before the show at The Mint on Saturday, we reunited with Jeff and Katie – we had played at their wedding just a bit earlier in Big Sur.  They are both photographers, and Katie was good enough to take some photos of us fools.  Check out these beauts!  All photos by the incomperable Katie Shapiro!

brothers comatose in LA

Good times!  They also rallied us out to Mandrake after the show.  Good call there, Katie and Jeff.  Thanks. 

Sunday night we were in San Luis Obispo.  We had never played there before.  We didn’t know what to expect.  We were trying to hope for the best, expect the worse, and steel ourselves against an empty dance floor.  We were absolutely blown away.  SLO came out big, and danced, and sang, and stomped, and chopsticked, and partied like we were long lost family.  So damn good, you guys.  Thanks so much for the reception, the support, and the helova good time.  Can’t wait to come back in October!

And, of course, last night – Monday night – was our Homecoming.  Ben was crowned Homecoming King (by virtue that it was his birthday), and was awarded the grand Homecoming prize of lots and lots of Lagunitas beer.  We played the Lagunitas Ampitheater last  night with all of our SXSW touring crew – Smokehouse Gamblers, Highway Poets, and Beso Negro.  It was kickass.  Sold out the joint big time, danced all night, had a big all-band-singalong to close it out, and got to see all the local friends and family. 

Now we’re in full tour prep mode.  We leave on Friday morning for Kate Wolf, and then to Colorado.  More West Coast / Midwest tour dates to announce still for July, and all kinds of things in line for the fall. 

…briefly, from LA

We’re loading up to get back on the road – on our way to SLO Brewing for the show tonight.

Briefly:  A huge and warm and loving thanks to all the friends and family that came out to the show last night.  We had family, lots of friends from all corners of the globe (read: Petaluma) – and everyone was hooting and stomping, we even saw some (gasp) dancing in effect.  Thanks for creating such a sweet scene. 

It’s sad to leave the Avellone house – everything here has been ideal.  We’re being taken care of in the kind of way that includes lots of sleep, blueberry pancakes, lots of coffee, and late night frozen pizza.  Feels great.

We’ll be back in LA in October, folks!  Hope to do it all up again then.

We are South of our Border

It is Saturday afternoon, and we are in LA, and we are getting ready to go to a photo shoot.  No, really.  That is actually what is happening.  I guess this kind of thing is what happens when you enter the glitzy and fancy world of Los Angeles?

We rolled into the desert of Joshua Tree – to Pioneertown, CA.  We played at Pappy and Harriet’s – possibly the most amazing bar and saloon and legitimate cowboy-western-movie set we’ve every performed at.  (or only?)  That night we stayed at the Pioneertown motel, drank Lagunitas and spoke of great and lofty things late into the desert night.  What think you?  Is pop music a genre term used to define a more narrow, focused style of music, or is pop music an adjective that describes any and all music that is decidedly popular?  We did not reach a consensus.

Saturday we scattered to the four winds.  Some folk stayed to play with the local flora and fauna, some folks went into Los Angeles to spend time with their kickass Brother, and some left for family in San Diego.  The night culminated with the Foos Ball Championship of the World, and a parking lot jam fueled by Lagunitas (is this a recurring theme?  yes.  a beautiful, over-arching perfect theme) and good strangers who pack guitars in the back of their trucks.

Today we scored some lovely clothes at vintage shops, Ryan got a new pair of boots, and we’ll be playing The Mint tonight at 9.  Right at 9.  We play AT 9.  Hope to see you there.

Southern California Tour in Progress

Check the blog for all them details

To the Desert We Go..

Hail hail folks!

Did we mention how glorious last weekend was?  Reuniting with the Mountain Sage peoples?  Campfire jams into the dawn hours?  Rocking the north shores of Tahoe at Crystal Bay?  Combining forces with The Easy Leaves in Groveland to produce the supergroup Leafy Comatose?  It was amazing good times.  Thanks for all of the support Tahoe and Groveland! 

This week finds us in the Southlands – a place we have not visited for a year!!  An entire thrice-damned year!!  What neglect!  Tragic, really.  We aim to make all things right, and to update our touring schedule to make this thing regular.  Like your morning prune juice. 

We drove all night last night… and by “we” I mean Ryan and Ben.  Ryan wins the award for first person to drive the Van so fast that the spedometer just kind of stuck over there around 85… just twitching there.  The guy is from LA.  That’s how they learn to drive in their driving schools, we are told.  This morning we make the trek eastward to Pioneertown.  We play Pappy and Harriet’s tonight.  Bring your chaps, your Winchester, and some gold for your whiskey.  This will be damn fun.

Buck Wild is back in town…

You may recall that last time Buck Wild and his Boss Hossers ravaged their way through the West Coast their drummer – ol’ Sparky McFlugle – came down with the Pukes somethin’ fierce.  The band had to van it out of town like a puke-sprinkler-tornado and get back to their witch doctor and his whiskey-based home remedies.  We, The Brothers Comatose, being the only locals on good and safe terms with the band, played the show in their stead.  A disappointment to all of Buck Wild’s rabid and riotous friends, we know… 

But they’re coming back.  Their drummer has an artificial, iron-clad stomach nowadays, so don’t despair – they will play!  Electric instruments!  Drums!  All the things you’d never see us doing, no sirree.  Come on down and support our ~ahem~ good friends next Monday night – June 18 – at Cafe Du Nord. 

Nicki Bluhm and KRSH and wine

This week has been pretty glorious thus far.

(Ben and Nicki Bluhm rehearsing Morning Time backstage at the Rickshaw Stop in SF Tuesday night)

Tuesday night saw the debut of “Morning Time” – a rather gorgeous tune on the new record penned by the rather gorgeous Ben Morrison… but – alas – we have been unable to play it live.  Why?  Because it requires a lovely lady with a lovely voice.  Something the Brothers Comatose don’t readily supply on stage.  So this past Tuesday – when we had the good fortune to open for Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers, we had our chance.  Nicki Bluhm is that beautiful sound you hear singing on Morning Time on the record.  And she was gracious enough to hop on stage with us at the Rickshaw Stop Tuesday night and sing that song.  Live.  We were all pretty giddy.  Nicki, don’t know if you know how much you made our night.  Their set – The Gramblers, I mean – was killing and amazing, and dance-inspiring.  You should all be so lucky as to get to one of their shows soon!

(soundcheck at the KRSH backyard BBQ.)

Thursday afternoon saw us in the backyard of the KRSH radio station up here in wonderful Sonoma County.  KRSH is a kickass local station that has the good sense, taste, and solid wisdom to support the local music scene with gusto!  Thanks to Bill and Brian who give us an opportunity to be heard on the air up here!  You guys are great, and we surely appreciate it!  What we discovered on Thursday was that KRSH has a swell and comfy backyard.  And that they host free music parties every Thursday afternoon/evening back there in the summers.  And that Lagunitas is a sponsor of said free music parties.  Backyard + Music + Lagunitas = best combination of things in a backyard ever of all time.  We had a blast.  Thanks to all the friends and family that rolled out, braved the sun, danced in the rose bushes, and partied with us.  We hope to do that again.

Tomorrow (Saturday) finds us rolling into the hills East of Sacramento playing the Barbera festival.  We hope that cases and cases of wine are part of the compensation.  We’re bringing the trailer just in case.

New Review and Interview:

The goodly Mr. Chris Mateer of Uprooted Music Revue has put together an interview and article for the latest edition of No Depression.   Either one of those links will get you to the article which is chock-full of great questions that were very satisfying to answer.  Thanks Chris for the great writing, and we hope you all enjoy it.