The Brothers Comatose

Nicki Bluhm and KRSH and wine

This week has been pretty glorious thus far.

(Ben and Nicki Bluhm rehearsing Morning Time backstage at the Rickshaw Stop in SF Tuesday night)

Tuesday night saw the debut of “Morning Time” – a rather gorgeous tune on the new record penned by the rather gorgeous Ben Morrison… but – alas – we have been unable to play it live.  Why?  Because it requires a lovely lady with a lovely voice.  Something the Brothers Comatose don’t readily supply on stage.  So this past Tuesday – when we had the good fortune to open for Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers, we had our chance.  Nicki Bluhm is that beautiful sound you hear singing on Morning Time on the record.  And she was gracious enough to hop on stage with us at the Rickshaw Stop Tuesday night and sing that song.  Live.  We were all pretty giddy.  Nicki, don’t know if you know how much you made our night.  Their set – The Gramblers, I mean – was killing and amazing, and dance-inspiring.  You should all be so lucky as to get to one of their shows soon!

(soundcheck at the KRSH backyard BBQ.)

Thursday afternoon saw us in the backyard of the KRSH radio station up here in wonderful Sonoma County.  KRSH is a kickass local station that has the good sense, taste, and solid wisdom to support the local music scene with gusto!  Thanks to Bill and Brian who give us an opportunity to be heard on the air up here!  You guys are great, and we surely appreciate it!  What we discovered on Thursday was that KRSH has a swell and comfy backyard.  And that they host free music parties every Thursday afternoon/evening back there in the summers.  And that Lagunitas is a sponsor of said free music parties.  Backyard + Music + Lagunitas = best combination of things in a backyard ever of all time.  We had a blast.  Thanks to all the friends and family that rolled out, braved the sun, danced in the rose bushes, and partied with us.  We hope to do that again.

Tomorrow (Saturday) finds us rolling into the hills East of Sacramento playing the Barbera festival.  We hope that cases and cases of wine are part of the compensation.  We’re bringing the trailer just in case.

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