The Brothers Comatose

To the Desert We Go..

Hail hail folks!

Did we mention how glorious last weekend was?  Reuniting with the Mountain Sage peoples?  Campfire jams into the dawn hours?  Rocking the north shores of Tahoe at Crystal Bay?  Combining forces with The Easy Leaves in Groveland to produce the supergroup Leafy Comatose?  It was amazing good times.  Thanks for all of the support Tahoe and Groveland! 

This week finds us in the Southlands – a place we have not visited for a year!!  An entire thrice-damned year!!  What neglect!  Tragic, really.  We aim to make all things right, and to update our touring schedule to make this thing regular.  Like your morning prune juice. 

We drove all night last night… and by “we” I mean Ryan and Ben.  Ryan wins the award for first person to drive the Van so fast that the spedometer just kind of stuck over there around 85… just twitching there.  The guy is from LA.  That’s how they learn to drive in their driving schools, we are told.  This morning we make the trek eastward to Pioneertown.  We play Pappy and Harriet’s tonight.  Bring your chaps, your Winchester, and some gold for your whiskey.  This will be damn fun.

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