The Brothers Comatose

…briefly, from LA

We’re loading up to get back on the road – on our way to SLO Brewing for the show tonight.

Briefly:  A huge and warm and loving thanks to all the friends and family that came out to the show last night.  We had family, lots of friends from all corners of the globe (read: Petaluma) – and everyone was hooting and stomping, we even saw some (gasp) dancing in effect.  Thanks for creating such a sweet scene. 

It’s sad to leave the Avellone house – everything here has been ideal.  We’re being taken care of in the kind of way that includes lots of sleep, blueberry pancakes, lots of coffee, and late night frozen pizza.  Feels great.

We’ll be back in LA in October, folks!  Hope to do it all up again then.

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