The Brothers Comatose

We are South of our Border

It is Saturday afternoon, and we are in LA, and we are getting ready to go to a photo shoot.  No, really.  That is actually what is happening.  I guess this kind of thing is what happens when you enter the glitzy and fancy world of Los Angeles?

We rolled into the desert of Joshua Tree – to Pioneertown, CA.  We played at Pappy and Harriet’s – possibly the most amazing bar and saloon and legitimate cowboy-western-movie set we’ve every performed at.  (or only?)  That night we stayed at the Pioneertown motel, drank Lagunitas and spoke of great and lofty things late into the desert night.  What think you?  Is pop music a genre term used to define a more narrow, focused style of music, or is pop music an adjective that describes any and all music that is decidedly popular?  We did not reach a consensus.

Saturday we scattered to the four winds.  Some folk stayed to play with the local flora and fauna, some folks went into Los Angeles to spend time with their kickass Brother, and some left for family in San Diego.  The night culminated with the Foos Ball Championship of the World, and a parking lot jam fueled by Lagunitas (is this a recurring theme?  yes.  a beautiful, over-arching perfect theme) and good strangers who pack guitars in the back of their trucks.

Today we scored some lovely clothes at vintage shops, Ryan got a new pair of boots, and we’ll be playing The Mint tonight at 9.  Right at 9.  We play AT 9.  Hope to see you there.

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