The Brothers Comatose

LA Photo Shoots, Ben’s Birthday, and Lagunitas

Holy smokes.

We’re back from a pretty glorious little weekend tour down to the southlands of California.  Some seriously great times were had.  We stayed at chateu Avallone – complete with blueberry pancakes, 3am pizza bakes, and lots of amazing family.  Now it’s back to cold cereal and our scruffy selves.  Sigh.

Before the show at The Mint on Saturday, we reunited with Jeff and Katie – we had played at their wedding just a bit earlier in Big Sur.  They are both photographers, and Katie was good enough to take some photos of us fools.  Check out these beauts!  All photos by the incomperable Katie Shapiro!

brothers comatose in LA

Good times!  They also rallied us out to Mandrake after the show.  Good call there, Katie and Jeff.  Thanks. 

Sunday night we were in San Luis Obispo.  We had never played there before.  We didn’t know what to expect.  We were trying to hope for the best, expect the worse, and steel ourselves against an empty dance floor.  We were absolutely blown away.  SLO came out big, and danced, and sang, and stomped, and chopsticked, and partied like we were long lost family.  So damn good, you guys.  Thanks so much for the reception, the support, and the helova good time.  Can’t wait to come back in October!

And, of course, last night – Monday night – was our Homecoming.  Ben was crowned Homecoming King (by virtue that it was his birthday), and was awarded the grand Homecoming prize of lots and lots of Lagunitas beer.  We played the Lagunitas Ampitheater last  night with all of our SXSW touring crew – Smokehouse Gamblers, Highway Poets, and Beso Negro.  It was kickass.  Sold out the joint big time, danced all night, had a big all-band-singalong to close it out, and got to see all the local friends and family. 

Now we’re in full tour prep mode.  We leave on Friday morning for Kate Wolf, and then to Colorado.  More West Coast / Midwest tour dates to announce still for July, and all kinds of things in line for the fall. 

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