The Brothers Comatose

Kate Wolf


When we rolled up into the band camping area of Kate Wolf on Friday, the first thing we saw was Camp Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit.  They were our neighbors.  Then Poor Man’s Whiskey rolled in later.  More neighbors.  Good friends in a big oak glen, with amazing music, complimentary massages, good food, and the most welcoming crowd any ‘lil string band could ask for. 

(here we are on our way to the Friday afternoon set)

We opened the festival over on the Utah-pia stage, and were completely overwhelmed with awesome-crowdness.  You people are beautiful.  The dance floor was packed by song 2, and there were folks singing along the whole dang time.  By 4:30 Friday, we were – officially – done.  And then the full festival partying began.  There were campfires to visit and songs to sing, and beers to drink, and people to meet. … and we didn’t have any obligations until midnight Saturday.  Nothing to wake up for, nothing to worry about.  Made for a fine, fine evening.

Saturday we got to enjoy swimming holes and killer music – Brokedown in Bakersfield was there and slayed it.  So damn good!  We chased bands around the stages for most of the afternoon and evening before we got down to some serious warm-ups and special-guest-wrangling.  We had the midnight, late-late set time on the Arlo Stage Saturday night.  Glor.  I.  Ous.  Hot Damn.  We had Poor Man’s Whiskey and Good Luck Thrift Store guys up there with us, we had a massive dance party, we had delicious beverages, we had a crowd that bands dream about in their most runaway-far-fetched-could-it-ever-be-this-good kind of dreams. 

Thanks to all you Kate Wolf workers and volunteers and festy-goers for a killer weekend.

We are now hoping that the mystery fluid leaking from the big red van can be fixed and made good and safe so that we can depart for our Colorado dates.  Gio (…me?  is it weird to be in 1st and 3rd person at the same time?) is in Winnamucca in the Trans Van with family and friends.  This will be the Benedetti caravan tour.  Look at the glory of the Trans Van in the desert.  It is home!

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