The Brothers Comatose

Carbondale and the Rocky Mountains

Gio here.

It’s 9am on Friday, and we played Steve’s Guitars last night in Carbondale, Colorado. We’re at about 6,000 feet here which can make singing and fake-jaw-harp playing a bit tricksy.  The passes to get in to Carbondale top out at over 10,000 feet.  We miss our big red van, but best not to drag her over such rocky and crazy terrain if she’s not in prime fighting condition, right?  As for the family van – we had our doubts with ‘ol Trans-Van.  She just wasn’t cutting it going up hills.  And these are serious hills on I-70 across the Rockies.  So we left her with a mechanic in Boulder, and rented.  It is so painful.  Rather than this being the tour of two awesome and near-ancient vans roaming and dominating the countryside, we are now the tour of 2 plain, character-less, white rental vehicles.  Where is the vibe?  Where is the shag carpet?  Where are the captains chairs??  (–weep, sob, bemoan — )

… On the bright side, our vehicles function as they are supposed to.  (pause to knock on wood…)

So – like I was saying, we’re in Carbondale.  We really like this place.  Last summer we were here, made great friends, were introduced to great people and great hotsprings, ran into Uncle Jesse’s wife from Full House and generally had great times.  The band van rolled in (sans myself and family, as we were negotiating mechanics and rental cars in Boulder) and played at a summer music camp run by our Carbondale guide and friend, Shanti.  I’m sure it was awesome.  Perhaps lacking some fatherly wisdom, solid basslines, and Star Wars references, but I’m sure they did just fine.

Steve’s Guitars was a blast.  The dynamic in the room was much more subdued than last year which allowed us to really listen to each other, get pretty comfortable (read: unprofessional) on stage, and – at times – downright musical.  It was real good times.  Steve put us up for the night, so we slept surrounded by the spirits of a thousand groovy and vibe-filled instruments.  We dreamed dreamy dreams.  We dreampt in song.  We sang in perfect 9 part harmony all the night through, and awoke to the sound of six thousand strings vibrating in sympathetic time.

It’s a beautiful morning here.  We’re off to Telluride today.  Wish us happy trails, and I’ll do my best to put a post up tomorrow as well. 

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