The Brothers Comatose


We rolled into Telluride in the evening.  The route was gorgeous and serendipitous – we were able to rendezvous with beloved family friend Michael Gulezian – himself on tour heading north from Durango.  We had a nice “dude, this is crazy” hug session on the side of the road in Ridgeway.  Touring is fun.

Poor Man’s Whiskey was in town, and they popped by the ‘ol Steaming Bean for a little shit-shooting before our respective shows.  Those guys are awesome.  We rocked the Bean that night.  Well, most of us did.  I tried to.  I really did.  I just had one of them nights.  I think it was the result of over a week of non-stop driving and non-stop-not-sleeping.  Whatever the reasons, I felt like I was in one of those dreams where all of sudden you’re on stage with a bass in your hands, and a microphone in front of you… but maybe you’re an insurance salesman with a passion for model trains.  What is this giant 4-stringed thing?  How do these songs go?  You want me to sing??  Kind of strangely nightmarish.  Oh – and I was seriously and sadly stone-cold sober.  So, we can rule out that.  My voice turned into Tom-Waits-after-a-bout-with-Strep at about 8pm last night… and by the time we took the stage I sounded like a frog that had been chewing on gravel.  Sooo rough.

It’s crazy that after a lifetime of playing and performing, all the rehearsing we do, all the schooling, the working, the memorizing… you can still have a rough night.  Luckily there are 4 other capable and awesome dudes in the group that a soul can lean on in times of trouble.  I’m hoping that the show was better on the other side of the stage than it was in my noggin. 

At any rate, it’s a gorgeous morning here in Telluride.  It rained all night, and the smoke and haze that (reportedly) had been in the air is gone replaced by fresh, clean goodness.  Nothing like some giant, rugged, rocky mountains and waterfalls to put some perspective on things.  We’ll head to Dolores tonight, hope for musical redemption, and enjoy the gondola ride in the meantime. 

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