The Brothers Comatose

Here and gone again


We leave in about an hour and a half for the next tour – this one around and abouts to Wyoming and back.  Be sure to tune in right here – we’ll have video up and blogs up most every day, I hope. 

We start the tour at Oregon Country Faire this weekend… don’t know if the internet connections in Fairy Land are strong and supported or not, so we may be slow to upload till Monday or so?  But then you should expect a steady stream of information.  Look for highlights on what I have for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Possible comments about how the rest of the band is still sleeping (you’ll read the jealousy between the lines) and lots of things like “this town is the greatest and they got down and partied with us and we had a n awesome time and then drank some Lagunitas together”.  … wow.  I kinda just spoiled the writing for the whole tour.

Hopefully we can get some other Brothers’ voices on this blog too.  We’ll see.  A lot of them – while being fine bowers and pickers – are not used to our modern and complex ways that involve ‘internets’ and ‘passwords’. 

For your entertainment and my venting of frustration in the meantime, I offer you the infographic below – not sure if my tiny font will show up – you may have to click the photo to see the big one:

the brothers comatose rock infographic guide to being a rocking rocker fed-ex kinkos

I was trying to make some copies in a Fed-Ex/Kinko’s, and they had this poster there.  It got me allll fired up.  They’ll have another one up next year, I’m sure, but the guy will have thick-black framed glasses, a giant ‘stache and beard, and a plaid snap down shirt.  The guy on the poster that the plaid-guy is holding will be shouting earnestly into a microphone with a banjo in his hands, and the flier will read:  Hootenanny!   Raaaaah!!!!  Stop turning peoples lives and passions into marketing tools!!!!

…or, at least if you’re going to, make sure that they know how to hold guitars and finger chords.  please.

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