The Brothers Comatose

The Oregon Country Faire


We left last Friday for the Oregon Country Faire.  We got to Portland on Monday.  The problem with waiting this long to write a blog post about it is that every 5 minutes of Oregon Country Faire time is worth at least 3 blog posts.  Now that we have 4 days worth of OCF experiences to try and relate and share, we are severely back logged with memories and typing-time.  Sorry.  The best thing we can recommend is that next summer you block out a weekend of your life and get yourself to Veneta, Oregon.  There is absolutely no way we can describe what the Faire is like. 

It was like meeting Old Grandpappy Festival – the first.  The Elder Fest.  The fest that raised up and grew lots of little, baby festies.  It was educational and amazing. 

We’ll tell some more specific stories later in the week – hopefully get a few different voices in the mix.  For now, I’ll leave you with this photo:

ryan avellone preparing for the Oregon Country Faire

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