The Brothers Comatose

We hung out with Mel… not really

We played at Club Congress in Tucson, AZ last night.  It is a lovely venue.  It is also the infamous location where Mr. John Dillinger was finally captured.  His plan of escape, as it turns out, didn’t work. 

We played, we ate delicious food, and then we went to relax in the bar and get our Gramble on a bit.  And then – lo and behold – who should we meet but the amazing and altogether lovely Kristen Schaal.  You may know her as Mel, from Flight of the Conchords.  We were star struck.  We hung around in the ajoining booth, hoping to find a non-intrusive opportunity to praise and adore her, and beg for a photo with the band.

What happened instead is we sat and watched as an endless parade of drunken, cro-magnan, underdeveloped and inarticulate Ex-but-not-reformed-Frat-Men barraged the table with all kinds of drunken awefulness.  I snuck in a “we love you’re work, thanks for what you do” as we finally filed out of the bar, ashamed of our fellow humans.

Arizona is hot, people.  Anywhere that cacti are just growing naturally might be a place that you would say “hmmm – maybe we’ll think twice before we build giant cities here…” The upside is killer and delicious tacos, gorgeous night-life and night-weather, and never worrying about anything getting rusty.

Off to Tempe today, and then we’re goin’ (goin’) back (back) to Cali (Cali).  Can’t wait to see the ocean again!

One thought on “We hung out with Mel… not really”

  1. MaddBaggins
    What a great set you guys laid down friday night! I grabbed a copy of Respect the Van. I’ve been listening to it with my 10yr old daughter. She just started playing violin and she thinks you guys are pretty good.
    Good luck with the tour and have a great time guys!

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