The Brothers Comatose

Mexican Food

The esteemed Dave Mulligan of Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers, is an Arizona native.  He has spent time in both Tucson and Tempe.  This means he knows the legit places to eat.  We hit him up for the hot tips, and made a day of eating amazing mexican food in small out of the way places.

Guero Canelo is a small shack, and a lot of covered picnic-benches-painted-red-white-and-green seating surrounding a luscious salsa bar.  You order meat by the pound, get a stack of tortillas, and go to town.  It was awesome.  Meat by the pound is such a liberating concept.  Taco?  Burrito?  Mixed Salsa soup with chicken and beans?  Sure!  You’re only limited by your imagination!!

We drove full-bellied into Tempe (after a much needed stop for coffee and computer time).  I guess not tooooo full-bellied.  By the time we rolled into town it was just about time for round two.  This time our wise and noble guide, Dave (you’re a legend, Dave…), told us to go to Rosita’s place.  A family owned, down-home, rootsy and amazing little cantina-style restauraunt.  The server is the woman who started the restauraunt 50 years ago.  The food tastes just like it would if your mother (like mine) was a brilliant cook, who invested dishes with good food, and tons of love… but grew up in Mexico slinging Mole and Carnitas.  It was glorious. 

We ended up at the Sail Inn in Tempe, and had a damn good time.  A very, very damn good time.  The Tempe crowd was awesome.  Dear Ike, Mustache Joe and the rest of you beautiful fun people – we’re sorry we lagged loading up our stuff and getting things into the van.  We hope to see you next time, and we’ll make music at the house happen, dammit anyway.

We are currently driving through the Mad Max wasteland between Arizona and San Diego.  If we don’t run into any mutant gangs in search of slaves, scrap metal and gasoline, we should just make it to The Griffin in time to do a load of laundry before we rock the night away with The Rainbow Girls. 

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