The Brothers Comatose

Beware Mr. Peabody

Some sadistic writer somewhere in the vastness of the internet made a list of the 10 best burgers in San Diego.  Mr. Peabody’s was on there.  Like hungry lambs to the greasy slaughter, we rushed headlong to our doom.

Let us just set the record straight:

Mr. Peabody’s doesn’t have the top 10 burgers anywhere.  They are burgers.  They are edible.  They are not, at first, terrible.  They did, however, rise from their digesting grave and wreak a zombie apocalpyse upon us. 

The show last night with Rainbow Girls and River City was so damn fun.  Those Rainbow girls are a travelling, harmonizing, dancing, shredding groove party in a van.  Alex (hit hardest by the evil Peabody) was an absolute champion on the stage last night.  You’d never know that armageddon was being waged in his body whilst he banjoed and sang.

Today is a mellow, cloudy, rainy Los Angeles day of recovery and rehearsing.  Tonight, recharged and full of vim and vigor, we shall take the stage of The Troubador in LA and reunite with our favorite band, Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers.

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