The Brothers Comatose

To be so close…

We are in Felton, California right now.  On the literal doorstep of home.

My lady and my baby girl are only 2 hours away, but I won’t see them for another 48 hours!  Oh cruel fates!  Oh callous world!  Oh, fie! Fie upon thee, fickle gods of weekend logistics!

We’re gearing things up for our halloween / Wedding Party show at the Independent in SF this Saturday.  If you’re not sure what that entails, you might want to investigate our facebook and twitter and instagram pages.  We’re pretty good about keeping those things choke-full of pictures and interesting tidbits whilst we’re out touring.  What I can tell you right now is that we will have a blushing bride amongst us and her maid of honor (matron?).  Hope you already have a ticket to that stuff because this is going to be good times.

I’ve been on a mission to find a pair of shoes since my last pair got wet and moldy in Missouri.  Still no luck.  It turns out that tall people hate to donate their shoes to thrift stores.  Also turns out that new shoes cost buckets and buckets of money.  Dear world – please start a new thrift store just for men over 6 feet tall.  Have one of those little “you must be this tall to ride” boards out front.  We can gather and talk of (…. wait for it… ) lofty things (BAM!) and lean on counters built extra tall, and exchange stories about shower heads in hotels, low hanging pots and pans in kitchens, and how great it is to have our own thrift store.

It has been lovely being back in California. 

We stayed with Ryan’s family in LA again, which is always glorious.  Nothing like feeling like you’re home (even if it isn’t necessarily yours) to unburden some of the road-weariness.  We played the Troubador Monday night.  Family and friends came out in spades.  It was awesome.  There are some great photos that the LA Record took of the show that you can find by clicking on these words. 

The next night was Santa Barbara and we got to rock out with the Rainbow Girls again.  We rocked their CD on the way up.  It is rowdy and powerful and awesome.  We give it thumbs up. Hope you can meet them soon!

Last night we were in San Louis Obispo.  Also very awesome.  We met great folk down there at SLO Brews in June, and it was so good to see familiar faces come out and party with our new friends. 

Now I’m in a cafe in Felton preparing for the Don Quixote’s show tonight, and getting kicked out of a cafe…. because it is closing.  More details in the future! 

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