The Brothers Comatose

March 2013

Idaho & Utah – A tale of Love and Lagunitas

the brothers comatose, the van, salt lake city, slc, the garage on beck

The image above is from our show in Salt Lake City at The Garage on Beck – a very worthy and raucus roadhouse right next to – apparently – Bladerunner. 

We had an amazing run this weekend highlighted by – quite possibly – the best tour-jam ever (Steve and Joleen’s bassment!) and some fairly epic breakfasts (Thanks Wayne – thanks S&J – Wagonwheel Breakfast 4 Lyfe!).  Thanks to delicious beverages and wonderful people to share them with, and we certainly hope to be back soon. 

Treefort and Beyond

We’ll see you in Boise this weekend for Treefort 2013 – then our road takes us to SLC and Cedar City Utah.  Look for a red van with a mustache.  Bring dancing shoes and chopsticks.


Two runs up the NW, two runs to the East Coast, festivals, club dates, touring, playing – it’s all on the tour page and just over yonder to your right!!  We’ll be in your town this year.  Please do investigate.

We Love Santa Cruzians

Thanks all for rolling out over the weekend.  Hi-five yourself if you can spot you in our crowd shot.  We love playing for you people!  See you soon.

The Brothers Comatose, Don Quixote's, Felton, March 9, crowd

Family and Friends on the Road

Hail hail folks. 

We just rolled in tonight from a lovely trip down to Los Angeles and Ventura.  Played some very awesome shows, got to be on TV, got to goof around behind the news desk, and got to see family and friends in far off lands that we wouldn’t get to see otherwise.

I’m tired and weary and exhausted, and I’ll be up to teach the ‘ol Zero Period Jazz Band tomorrow morning… but I had to just jump on here and put in a word or two about traveling with a band.  No, scratch that – not “a” band – this band. 

Ryan’s family lives in Los Angeles – Ryan grew up down there.  Thanks to our tour schedule and the awesomeness of Ryan’s family, we’ve spent lots of time with the Avellones.  I have even come to feel that the stretch of carpet between the front windows and the back of the couch is my stretch of carpet.  Ryan’s younger brothers have vanned it around with us – this last weekend they even brought along some killer gear and shot footage for a potentially amazing music video (the footage of us in the TV studio was gold, I tell you.  Gold.)  Our friends from high school that have ended up in LA have been huge supporters, wonderful late night partiers and skilled late, late night taco-truck-finders.  The band allows these relationships to exist outside of the internet, and I love that.

This last weekend was logistically easy enough that I was able to drive down with Jenny and Stella (my lovely lady and our lovely little baby-lady).  And for a place to stay, we were able to stay with our family that we see all too seldom.  The result was amazing time spent with the little cousins / nieces / nephew, great time spent with the whole family, meals shared, kitchen floor early-morning banjo-jams of Pie for Breakfast, gracious hospitality, and some very wonderful quality family time spent with people that we love, but don’t see enough.  Saturday’s show took us to Ventura, and we were lucky enough to be able to stay with friends that had moved south years before and that we hadn’t seen much of since.  Got to catch up, got to play music with the youngest son who picks a mean banjo (and came and sat in for a couple tunes that night), got to see the creative and inspiring things they are all up to, got to sleep in their cozy, loving house, and got to raid their fridge in the morning.  And, once again, the band and our tour schedule got it all to happen.

I suppose the only down side is that when you’re in town but also working, the schedule is tight.  You don’t get to spend all the time you want, you don’t get to have the lazy conversation over the cup of coffee you were hoping for…  but damn.  It sure beats a text message and a facebook status update.

So, for every time I jump on the ‘ol Blog here and begin to sob about missing the family, about being on the road too long, or anything along those lines, y’all can just link this post back to me and remind me of how many great friends and family members we’ve met / made / stayed in touch with / partied with / crashed-on-the-floor-of and gotten to see and hug and spend time with thanks to the crazy schedule and traveling antics of this van-driving bunch of hooligans.

It is glorious.

Back from LA

First – we had a blast on LA’s FOX affiliate:  KTTV channel 11: observe us having a blast by clicking on our lovely faces-made-up-to-look-purdy-for-the-TV:

The Brothers Comatose, KTTV, LA, TV, FOX

It was a great weekend – thanks to everyone that came out to The Mint on Friday and Zoe’s on Saturday.  Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.  Also – when planning your trip down south:  take the extra time and drive 101.  It’s beautiful.  And there’s no Harris Ranch on the 101.

Hey, Ma – we’re on the TV

This evening at 5:45ish pm we’ll be performing live on LA’s channel 11 for their Studio 11 feature.  Please tune in and enjoy our first live TV appearance with us!