The Brothers Comatose

April 2013

The Weekend in Photos

Here it is – I’ll explain what I can for each one.  Thanks to John for capturing some quality images of Charlotte and Shakori – and for driving me to the airport from the festival.  He played me some live Violent Femmes and bought me Eastern North Carolina BBQ.  That ranks you a Champion in my book.  Enjoy the photos:

In which The Brothers Comatose sing and play and begin to have a glorious time in Charlotte, NC – this is from The Evening Muse.  We opened for The Whiskey Gentry – an excellent band of awesome folks from Georgia.  Speaking of Georgia…  our friend and road-buddy Georgia put us up in her driveway (you’ll see how/why) and took care of us all weekend.  Thanks Georgia!

The acapella singing in Charlotte

Full Band in Charlotte

In which the Brothers Comatose journey in North Carolina and visit the home of the Avetts.  Jim and Susie fed us lunch, told us stories, let us enjoy their incredibly cozy and comfortable hospitality and front porch, and Jim toured us through his guitar collection.  He played us tunes, doled out wisdom, and offered book recommendations.  We traded CDs and then headed off to Pisgah.  Pretty awesome people.  Looking forward to running into them again.

Ben playing one of Jim Avett's guitars

We have a conspicuous absence in the photo journal – no photos of the Pisgah Brewery show – the gorgeous backstage with the pool table and Pacman – the newly remodeled stage, the delicious BBQ and sausages – the epic after-show jam in the RV.  Thanks Pisgah!  We love you folks.  If you’d stop being so damn fun, and if your beer wasn’t so good, maybe we’d remember / have time to take a picture or two.  Sheesh.

So this next one – finally – reveals the RV.  I chose the RV reveal shot to also feature Phil and a ridiculous banjo.  This thing was silly.  Beds all over the place, tables, a fridge, a bathroom… who knew that Vans came that big?  We still love our Van, and we still respect her and only her… but it was damn fun cruising the highways and byways in a 30 foot rolling luxury hotel room.

Phil a banjo and an RV

The rest of this photo journal is all from Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival.  We had the luck to tour the West Coast with Donna the Buffalo in November.  We made friends and – as it turns out – they happen to throw one of the greatest festivals of all time out in North Carolina every year.  They invited us out to play, and it was incredible.  The hospitality, the environment – not a corporate sponsor in sight… it was like Kate Wolf and Oregon Country Fair had a laid back, groovy younger cousin out in NC. 

The photos are from our performance Saturday night on the Grove stage – one of our collectively favorite performances of all time.  The people here made us feel so freakin’ good.  I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face all night.  It starts with our first song – only a few brave souls to be found at this West Coast string band’s first Shakori appearance… 

Shakori first song

… and then, about 3 songs in… the sun went down, the lights came on, and the people wrapped us up in their North Carolina love.

shakori fans at night

…and thus, we proceeded to get down.

shakori get down

We even had an epic hype crew of festival kids that tore the stage up with us.  Where did they come from?  We don’t know.  Ryan saw them, got them out on the stage, and they killed it.  So. Damn. Fun.

shakori hype crew

And then, the final night… Donna The Buffalo invited us out on the main stage to rock with them.  These people are awesome.

on stage with donna at shakori

And then we packed up, brought back the RV and came home.  One amazing weekend.  The only thing missing from this blog post about North Carolina – and perhaps most importantly – is a record of their delicious pulled pork – to be eaten with their delicious vinegar-based sauce.  So, here you go.  Smell the hickory!  Savor the Greens!  Marvel at the tender delicacy of the Pork!!


There you have it. 

Can’t wait to go back.

Thanks again North Carolina for being so awesome. 

North Carolina & RVs

The Brothers Comatose and their Hype Crew at Shakori Hills

Thank you North Carolina.  Thanks for your delicious beers, your squalls, your RVs, your amazing festivals, and your sweet and amazing people.  We played music with you, sang 90s covers with you, got rides to the airport from you, drank your fireball, borrowed your blankets, danced all night with you, ate BBQ with you (Eastern style – w/ vinegar sauce), and fell deeply in love with your soft, rolling, green, goodness.  Thanks to all of you who came out and made this weekend so damn fun.  Shakori was off the charts.  Visit the Blog for a photo-recap of the weekend.


Don’t take red eye flights, people.

They leave you groggy, delerious, unsure of what day or time it is… 

But they do get you to Charlotte, NC with plenty of time to sleep, eat, and get coffee before a Thursday night show.

Now I’m torn as to the goodness of the red eye. 


We got to Charlotte and picked up our amazing, gigantic, and altogether luxurious 30 foot RV with some help from our good friends Meredith and Georgia.  It is a band palace.  A huge, impossible to drive, moving band palace.

We drove it back to Georgia’s and promptly fell asleep.

We woke up, I went out with Meredith to pick up the bass (thanks Violin Shoppe!) and poor Ryan (whose flight was separate from ours and also delayed) taxied his tired self to Georgia’s house for the full band rendezvous.  We were re-united.  Like the Transformers that could combine into a giant dinosaur.

The show Thursday night was at The Evening Muse with our long lost friends, The Whiskey Gentry.  The sound was glorious, the crowd was full of good and noble, music-loving souls.  We made some new friends, asked about recommended BBQ spots, and rocked out to the W.G.

Post show, we rolled our moving headquarters back to Georgia’s, and then I, your faithful scribe, went to sleep.  3/5 of the band rolled out to the notorious and legendary night-life of Charlotte.  But that, dear readers, is their story to tell.  And they, dear readers, can’t seem to figure out how to post a blog post.  So, if you want to hear about the late night antics, and the full story about how Ryan lost a finger, and why we are now on the run from the NC police, you’ll have to hit up those night-life-loving fellows.

Love to you all – see you soon.


East Coast – Part 2

Hey there Folks.

Gio here again.  I was first one to the airport tonight, so I have some time to devour as I wait for the 10:40 red eye to Atlanta. 

We’re on our way out to North Carolina again.  We were there last May, and we’re all excited to go back. What I should say …

Ooh – had to stop the Blog post – Ben just called.  I have to go to the security gate and grab a guitar from him.  He can’t get through!  This is real life on the road happening now!!  Wow!  The blogging excitement of it all!

Talk to you soon folks.

AEOE = Our People

We are in love with Outdoor Educators.  We played for the most amazing people under the stars high in the mountains over the weekend, we’ve sworn off plastic bags, we want to go to camps this summer and play icebreaker games, and we are in love with Outdoor Educators.  Thanks AEOE.  See you crazy folk out and about. 

The brothers comatose, tree, aeoe,

The NW – A Road Less Travleled

Hail Fair Folk!

Just rolled back home after a run up to Seattle and back.  We had some tremendous adventures, forged bold new frontiers, went to places we’d never went before, and had a great time meeting people, celebrating birthdays (Chris Lynch, 3-29, Gio Benedetti, 3-31) playing music, and eating Paseo sandwiches.  We offer you this chopstick wielding photo from the sold-out Tractor Tavern show in Seattle as a small example of the glories of the road.