The Brothers Comatose


Don’t take red eye flights, people.

They leave you groggy, delerious, unsure of what day or time it is… 

But they do get you to Charlotte, NC with plenty of time to sleep, eat, and get coffee before a Thursday night show.

Now I’m torn as to the goodness of the red eye. 


We got to Charlotte and picked up our amazing, gigantic, and altogether luxurious 30 foot RV with some help from our good friends Meredith and Georgia.  It is a band palace.  A huge, impossible to drive, moving band palace.

We drove it back to Georgia’s and promptly fell asleep.

We woke up, I went out with Meredith to pick up the bass (thanks Violin Shoppe!) and poor Ryan (whose flight was separate from ours and also delayed) taxied his tired self to Georgia’s house for the full band rendezvous.  We were re-united.  Like the Transformers that could combine into a giant dinosaur.

The show Thursday night was at The Evening Muse with our long lost friends, The Whiskey Gentry.  The sound was glorious, the crowd was full of good and noble, music-loving souls.  We made some new friends, asked about recommended BBQ spots, and rocked out to the W.G.

Post show, we rolled our moving headquarters back to Georgia’s, and then I, your faithful scribe, went to sleep.  3/5 of the band rolled out to the notorious and legendary night-life of Charlotte.  But that, dear readers, is their story to tell.  And they, dear readers, can’t seem to figure out how to post a blog post.  So, if you want to hear about the late night antics, and the full story about how Ryan lost a finger, and why we are now on the run from the NC police, you’ll have to hit up those night-life-loving fellows.

Love to you all – see you soon.


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