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Welcome to my joys, ladies and gentlemen:

Stellachoke on the way to Hipnic V

That is my Stellachoke.  She is rare and delicious. She and my amazing bride made the camping trek down to Big Sur for Hipnic.  We were a full family unit on Mothers Day Weekend.  Do you know that fruit / veggie stand on the side of Highway 1 right around Moss Landing?  The one that advertises things that seem alien and impossible?  10 avocados for a dollar?  Well, we stocked up there.  That’s where I snapped this shot of the rare Stellachoke.  The drive down was gorgeous.  Highway 1 to Big Sur is incredible.  We rolled into camp late, set up tents, made fires, opened cases of Lagunitas, and enjoyed a Big Sur weekend that was never for a moment foggy, damp, or windy.  It was perfect.

Big Sur campfire

(Our camp photographer, Ryan, either a.) getting Artsy   b.)  accidentally taking a picture whilst falling asleep by a campfire  c.)  taking one last photo before sacrificing his technology to the altar of outdoorsy-camping-and-roughing-it.)

Did I already mention that the weekend was glorious with its weather?  I did?  Well, in case thou  didst not believe me, here is another example of Captain Avellone’s Photo-Vision-Quest:  He found himself in a mountain paradise with friends we made in an LA parking lot years ago.  Turns out they staked a claim in the heaves of Big Sur.  Ryan knew we wouldn’t believe him so he, wisely, documented the sunset from his lofty perch:

BIg Sur Sunset

I know, I know.  A music festival is only partially about the people you’re with and the perfect, balmy, Mother’s Day weather.  It is also in large part about the music.  Luckily for us, a festival put on by The Mother Hips and Folk Yeah is a festival where we are going to be awash in the sounds we would want to be hearing all day every day.  The lineups were ideal, the performances were lush and sweet and warm, and the setting was Big Sur.  A stage in front of a giant meadow and hills and redwoods and blue skies.  Here’s an example featuring our favorite people to ever sling guitars:  Our Beloved Gramblers:
Hipnic V Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers Set

We had the honor of playing the closing set on Sunday.  We warmed up for the event all day by swimming in rivers and lounging in campsites drinking coffee.  When we actually did get to work, we were warming up in a glade of dappled shadows, on the banks of a rippling creek.  My family was all around, my lovely bride and the Mother of our child was by my side all weekend, and it was Mothers Day, and our friends were thick both on the stage and off, and everything in the world was right and good.

The Brothers Comatose rehearse at Hipnic V

Thanks to all of our friends that came out to the festival and hung out with us and brought us bourbon-sweet-potato pies.  We love you all.  Thanks to the Mother Hips for being an example of how to get a festival together as a thinly veiled disguise for a giant weekend party with all of your favorite people.

We now head into the great Northwest.  See you on the happy trails, folks.

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