The Brothers Comatose

Banjo-B-Que & Roll Call

From Banjo-B-Que 2013:

Dearest web site visitors,

We love y’all and we’re hoping we can keep in touch more.  To that noble end, we’re trying to start a new tradition this tour: on our YouTube channel, we’re posting a daily roll call while we’re on the road.  It’s only about 30 seconds – but you can see where we are, what we’re about, and make sure that Phil hasn’t wandered off to jump in a lake/river/dirtbike or that Gio hasn’t gotten himself lost in a coffee shop; that Ryan hasn’t locked himself in a guitar shop with some vintage pedals, and that Alex isn’t infiltrating a barbecue at the neighbors; that Ben hasn’t sneaked himself onto the Steeldrivers bus in a frenzy of agressive ambassadorizing.  Roll Calls are important. 

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