The Brothers Comatose

Making a Flier

Dear, dear readers.

I know, I know.  I haven’t updated on the tours recently – I haven’t updated much of anything recently.  I blame a very adorable 2 and half year old. 

I wanted to let you know a bit about the flier that we’ll be plastering about for our upcoming New Parish show on August 22.  I pitched my idea to the band via email, and they let me do it.  Let me be clear: I sent the tablet-in-photoshop drawing to everyone, and – as it appears below – they all signed off on it. Possibly they were all at a party without me and very drunk?  Who can fathom how bad decisions really get past management.  At any rate, here is what they approved:

flier mock up brothers comatose new parish

A 5-headed giant splashes his way from the city and towards Oakland for a show across the bay!  Honor is done to giants!  To comics!  With the band green light, it was time to get a bit more… accurate?  Detailed?  Less blobby and silly?  Yes yes and yes.

I looked up some Bay Bridge photos, put on Iron Maiden albums (in chronological order, starting with Killers) and started on the pencil work.  And voila!  The real deal:

pencil outline for parish flier brothers comatose

Phase 1: complete.  The pencils – the outlines were in place.  Our 5-headed Bay-Thrashing Giant was alive!!!  Aliiiiiiiive!!!!  But… lacking in color, wouldn’t you say?  Yes.  No one would look twice at a flier like this!  Naked!  Bare!  A mere skeleton!  Unleash the inky-inks!!  More Iron Maiden!  Where Eagles Dare!  Powerslave!  Hallowed Be Thy Name!  Several albums later, with some serious tinkering with scanners and tablets and more layers in photoshop…  Phase 2 was complete.  The flier was complete.  Fully armed and operational.

colored version of parish flier for the brothers comatose

I’ll post an image of the final, final, final version on the main page once all the salient details are in place in a suitable font.  Hope you enjoyed the evolution.  I had a lovely time listening to Iron Maiden… I mean, making the flier.  See you on July 22 at New Parish.

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