The Brothers Comatose

October 2013

We Love HSB.

Thanks to all of these people – alllll of them – for giving us the time of our lil’ musical lives on Sunday.  We are going to remember that day and that set forever.  We love y’all, and we’ll see you soon.

The brothers comatose at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2013 Arrow Stage

In other news – I, Gio, the oh-so-irregular website update,r will be taking a break starting…. now.  Benedetti baby number 2 is due just about any day, and I’ll be taking some time to get the family vibe going strong, centered, and focused here at the homestead.  Next update I post should have a snapshot of the newest addition to the family!!  Have a great rest of 2013 everyone!  Love, Gio.

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2013

SF and Bay Area folk – we’ll see you at Hardly Strictly on Sunday Oct. 6!  We play @ 1:25pm on the Arrow Stage – a stage that will be exploding with amazing music all the live long day!  Check out that lineup!!  See you there folks.