The Brothers Comatose

Boise, ID….Where Birds Fall From the Sky

We are currently in a hotel, down by the river in Boise, ID. We are waiting to head downtown where we’ll play for FREE today in Grove Plaza at 5pm. Boise is a nutty place…not like the people are crazy (maybe they are…I’m not really sure), but the weather patterns here are drastic and can shift in a moment’s notice. Last time we were here to play this very event we experienced super-sized rain drops –> into hail –> into gale force winds. As we were walking through downtown after our show we came upon a bird that looked like it was hurt in the middle of the road. Our trusty fiddle player threw his shirt over the top of the bird and we took it back to our hotel with us. Over and over we called bird rescue, but it was far too late and nobody answered. The next morning we took our little birdy down to the rescue facility and turned our him in. It turns out he was a baby Peregrine falcon – the fastest animal in the world. It had fallen from its nest on top of a building in downtown Boise and we happened to snap it up before something happened to him. He was returned safely to his nest and mama bird was quite happy in the end.

Crazy things happen in Boise, ID…and especially to those bands that play at Alive After Five. You should come down today to check out what might happen to us this time.

Here’s our bird friend —>

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