The Brothers Comatose

November 2014

Last Show of the Year – San Francisco

Pre Thanksgiving party with the Brothers Comatose and the T Sisters.

We’re hunkering down to work on a new album but we’ve got one last show of the year planned for you all. Our good friends and sisters from a different mister the T Sisters will open the night.

Come down to the Chapel in San Francisco. Hear some new tunes and start a long weekend off right…with us! Get tickets before they’re gone:

A Wee Break From the Road

Hello friends! Please excuse our lack of blogginess. With the constant output of social media posts on various platforms, we often forget about this here bloggy blog. That’s all about to change though. We’re making an early New Year’s resolution to keep up with informing our friends and fans to the goings on of The Bruthaz Clamatoes. That all starts now.

You may be wondering why you don’t see many shows on our calendar over there to the right. Welp…there are a couple reasons for that: 1. We’ve been on the road non-stop this year and it’s nice to take a lil’ break every once in a while. 2. We’re working on new material so we can record a new album. Now that’s some exciting stuff! Many of you have been wondering when you’ll be able to get your hands on some new music. The answer to that is…fairly soon. We’ll be recording in the next couple of months and will most likely be releasing a new album in spring 2015. We are stoked (that’s a word we use in California to mean, like, totally excited) to put some new tunes out there.

We’ll also be planning out some major tours for 2015 which will most likely bring us to you, wherever you are, unless you live outside the US, or in a treehouse in the remote forest somewhere, or at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. BUT…we’ll be hitting most other spots we’ve frequented in the past and we can’t wait.

We shall see you down the road!

Till then…

The Bruthaz Clamatoes

We Had a Hippie-tastic Halloween

We would like to send out a massive and warm thank you to everyone that came out and packed the Catalyst for our Woodstock Halloween show. Your costumes were fantastic and your energy was unparalleled. We had a really good time learning and playing all of those Woostock-era songs for you. This may just become a tradition come Halloween time every year.