The Brothers Comatose



We are currently… somewhere between our last gig in Trumansburg, NY, and our next gig in Carbondale, CO.  There is corn all around us.  There are also beautiful blue skies, thick, fast-moving clouds, lots and lots of the color green (didn’t realize how much we’ve been missing this out in California). 

The tour is going well.  We are in the middle of a hectic drive right now, so we’re at a low point as far as the excitement and musical interest goes…  but as far as 30 hour drives go, it’s going well.  Podcasts, lots of music, comedy records, band meetings, Slug Bug, 99 bottles of beer on the wall, I Spy – you know.  All the classics to make a road trip more fun. 

I’ve been making little comics that relate – distantly – to our time on the road for the kiddos back home.  For those of you who don’t know, I have a 4 and half year old and a 1 and three quarters year old daughter.  The 4 year old and I have a long and rich story telling history.  On this long tour I was looking for a way to keep in touch in a more special way, and so I started making these little comics and stories.  I’ve posted them all over here on my family-stories-and-music website, Benedettiville.  I WOULD have put them here, but our current website is a bit stubborn when it comes to interacting with large quantities of media.  So… the stories stay at Benedettiville.

The stories roughly follow our own road adventures…  or, they did up until the most recent story where I am travelling via rocketship and the band has a robot bass player.  But up until then, you know, it’s ~dimly~ related to the tour.

If you’d like to check it all out, please do so right here! 

See you all out there, good people!

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