The Brothers Comatose

Did I Mention we’ve been driving??

Holy van time, Batman.  We’ve been driving.

After driving from Trumansburg, NY (Saturday night) to Telluride, CO (got in Tuesday evening) we were exhausted.  Weary.  Delirious, even.  Thankfully, having no oxygen and looking at some of the most rugged, dramatic and beautiful landscape in the world brought us back… that and two nights in luxurious accomodations where we didn’t have to spoon each other on saggy mattresses. 

We are now in Flagstaff, New Mexico.  We’re upstairs above the venue where we are lodging for the evening.  We’re having some landscape/scenery whiplash, but are otherwise doing fine.  The high desert is beautiful, and we detoured today through Monument Valley – so we’re still shocked and awed – just in more desert-y way.  Less alpine-y.

There are more stories up on the ‘ol Benedettiville site (link is in the blog post below) – that roughly follow the band tour schedule, though I have recently derailed pretty severely.  As the story stands, Stella Gene (AKA the Pink Heart [famous superhero]) and I are saving the day on a distant planet while the band drives to Colorado with a robot bass player stand-in that they don’t know isn’t me.  It’s good times.

Take care all.

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