The Brothers Comatose

The Return to an Old Love – Slim’s in SF

Back in the day, before the days of string slinging all over the country, I (Ben) used to have a “day” job…which was really a night job. At this job I worked security (yep, that’s right) at a music venue. Mostly, it was tame, but occasionally we had to put people in headlocks and one time I even got bit by a patron and had to go to the hospital. I’ll tell you about it over a beer sometime. That club was Slim’s in San Francisco. Friday, August 28th, we return to this bastion of the SF music scene…to take over the stage where I saw some of the worlds biggest bands before they got huge…and some bad bands that never went anywhere.

I can’t wait. That place holds a special place inside of me, filled with wonderful memories. We have a really great show in store for you all. We hope you’ll join us.

Also, check out this trippy poster that Lili Arnold made for us.

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