The Brothers Comatose

Eugene to Prosser


Heyyyy everybodyyyyy….

Guess where I am right now.


Did you guess in a van??

If you did, you’re right.

Last update was right before the Eugene show.  Sam Bond’s was a good time – thanks to all of our friends and Eugenian fans who came out to get rowdy with us!

We stayed at a cheap motel right around the corner from Greek row… which was interesting.

Got up, had coffee and made the gorgeous drive to Sisters, Oregon.  The show last night was a sell out party with some of the most earth-shaking crowd stomping I’ve ever experienced.  It was a damn good time in a beautiful place.  Thanks, Sisters.  Also – Angeline treated us to breakfast in the bakery the next morning.


Good coffee, delicious food… I love those two things.  It makes touring and these long-ass drives in the van worth it.

We’re headed for Prosser, Washington right now and I really have to pee.  So – I’m cutting this little tour update short here because it looks like we’re pulling off in to a nice little wooded turnout.

Thank god.

(pause for the most windy (read – lots of gusty wind, not curvy and such) pee of all time on the roads of Eastern Oregon, a beautiful rainbow: rainbow

lots of driving, some tacos, and finally getting to internet in Prosser, WA)


Here we are in Prosser, Washington, home of Brewminatti’s – a fine establishment for coffee, music, food and beverages.  It’s a sold out show (woo woo!) and the barista here is gorgeous…


The coffee is made with precision and love as well – have I mentioned the barista?

Had delicious tacos across the street, and are now getting ready for some sound checking.

All is well and good in the world of well-caffeinated bass players.

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