The Brothers Comatose

Spokane – Enterprise


It’s been a lot of days and a lot of shows since the last little tour update.  Many espressos were consumed.  Many shows were played.  I’m in a very…  unique motel in Bellingham right now.  We’ll cross the border and head into Canada tomorrow (can you say International Touring Band??!!).

So – I’ll try and encapsulate the missing week here in one post.  Sorry for the brevity and the lack of photos (I’m sooo bad at taking those photos) – I’ll make up for it with detailed descriptions of what I ate and enthusiasm for the metal versions of Brothers Comatose songs I’ve been working on in the van.

After Prosser we played Spokane.  Spokane is always a great time – ever since the good ‘ol Neato Burrito days.  (Speaking of which, we stopped there for lunch before show time.  Never disappoints!)

After Spokane we drove an hour and change to get to Cliff & Sharon’s.  Cliff is the man that motivated the first ever Brothers Comatose tour waaaaay back in 2010 (2009?  I can’t really remember).  He booked us in Idaho, and we connected the rest of the dots in our old Red Chevy G20 Van, and thus was the touring life begun.  We spent the next day lounging around Cliff and Sharon’s house, eating their food, sleeping, reading their books, and generally recovering our juju and mojo.


Bruso. He’s a great dog. And don’t sit in his chair, dammit.


Sharon made us pancakes. Delicious, amazing pancakes.

The next day we headed to Bozeman, Montana and the Filling Station.  The show there was great as usual.  That place adds a roadhouse spark to the music that must be some sort of magic generated by all the old beer cans and license plates hanging around the place.

The Easy Leaves wooing the Filling Station crowd with their sweet, sweet songs.

The Easy Leaves wooing the Filling Station crowd with their sweet, sweet songs.

Thursday brought us to Missoula and the Top Hat.  Missoula crowds are some of the greatest, loudest, most kickass crowds you can ask for.  We got a double encore that night.  Double!  It may have happened to us before, but I couldn’t tell you when.  Boston from Bozeman made the trek to Missoula, and made us a kickass belt buckle.  I laid claim to it.  It’s got a skull on it, and it helps me write chunky metal riffs.

Friday brought the band and van into Victor, Idaho and the Knotty Pine.  The night was raucous and loud with a bachelorette party in full swing.  Penis hats were sighted.  Barbecue was eaten.  Good times were had.

Saturday was in Boise at the Neurolux.  The show was a sold out, packed house, get-down extravaganza.  Boise has been so sweet and good to us, and the show there was so damn fun.  My amazing wife flew out to Boise on Friday with a friend to meet up with yet another friend.  They had their reunion party times, and then Jenny and I got to see each other on Saturday.  I finally had a dance partner for the Easy Leaves set.  Makes these last 7 days away from home not quite so hard to bear.

Sunday saw us rolling into the distant land of Enterprise, Oregon.  Home of the OK Theater, Darrell, Bart, and a huge host of good and generous people.  The show there was a town potluck, and folks all showed up bearing delicious home cooking.  I can’t over emphasize the powers of home cooking on the touring musician.  It breathes life into the body.  The show there was great with lots of guests coming up to sing and play.

Today is Monday, and we drove and drove and drove today.  The Canada border crossing looms tomorrow, and we’ll play Vancouver tomorrow night.

Thanks for checking in for the tour log.  I’ll try and get things a little more up to date in the future!

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