The Brothers Comatose

New Video: Black Light Moon!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we went to The Ruin in Pipes Canyon near Joshua Tree with two large vans full of good people, film equipment, Lagunitas, and costumery and filmed a video.
Many huge thanks to Colin Blackshear, Bret Lyman, Josh Livingston and Nick Rupiper for coming all the way to the edge of nowhere with us to make movie magic. Many seductive and siren-like thanks the the lovely Desert Spirit ladies: Alicia Greenleaf, Lili Arnold, Erin Chapin, Vanessa May & Jamison Cripps.
We hope you enjoy!

We’re in Seattle tonight (3-11) at The Tractor Tavern,
Tomorrow night in Portland (3-12) at Revolution Hall,
And then we’re coming home for the Fillmore!! (3-18).
All the links and tickets are on the tour page. Enjoy the video, and see you at the shows!

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