The Brothers Comatose

The Fillmore in SF on March 18: SOLD OUT!!

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all so much for the love and support.  It’s pretty damn amazing to have the Fillmore sold out.

If this was Back to the Future, and I was able to go back and tell high school Gio that he would sell out the Fillmore… by playing upright bass… in a string band… with Ben & Alex & Joe (he wouldn’t have a frame of reference for Phil or Ryan) he would punch me and call me a liar.

Then he would help me up, because he’d be curious and enticed – despite the sheer outlandishness of the claim – because selling out the Fillmore would be just too damn amazing.

So – thanks.  Thanks for the support in the Bay Area from The House of Shields to Amnesia, to PAs getting stolen, to Haight street house parties to raise money to get PAs back, to Hardly Strictly, to Outside Lands, to Slim’s, to Great American Music Hall, and now, the Fillmore.

If we can keep steady on this trajectory, we’ll see you in a few years at AT&T park.

You are all the greatest fans and friends and family of all time, and we love you.  Can’t wait to throw down a huge party on Friday.

See you there.

3 thoughts on “The Fillmore in SF on March 18: SOLD OUT!!”

  1. Lisa Brown

    We couldn’t be happier for you guys! We love the new CD, just got in the mail two days ago along with my super cool Brothers Comatose sweatshirt and we’ve listened to the CD half a dozen times already. The Brothers harmonies are amazing! My husband and I have seen you in concert in Cedar City, UT and in Sisters, OR last year when Ben lost his voice, that was a bummer 🙁 So Gio, when are you going to sing lead again on a song? Love your singing on ‘Down To The River’ from “Songs From the Stoop”…that is you, isn’t it? We’re so thrilled to see Fresno and San Luis Obispo added in June to your tour, we will be at one or maybe both! Would love to have you guys play here in Tehachapi, CA, we have a very musical/artistic town here in the mountains and the people here would go bananas for The Brothers Comatose. Good luck tonight at the Fillmore, sorry to miss it, know you’ll knock ’em dead and praying for you all (and the Van) for safe travel always.

  2. Craig ostergaard

    Last night at harlows was one of the best concerts I have ever seen the way you guys worked the crowd into your set was so fun

  3. Michael Regusci

    Been a fan since the Oroville Beer Festival and every show in Chico since. Can’t wait for Comatopia. The new album is awesome.

    Love you guys, Michael

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