The Brothers Comatose

April 2016

Jam Cruise!

Ladies and Gentlemen –

Grab your thongs and your rum, we’re headed to the tropics… in January 0f 2017.

But seriously, folks – feast your eyes on the list of bands for Jam Cruise 15 that will be rocking and jamming their way across the seven seas!  It will be amazing!  My hope:  Alex sits in and adds some tasty banjo to the Funky Meters.  I get to go up and play some bass with Benevento Russo Duo.  Ben does guest vocals (1612) with Volfpeck.  Can’t wait.

Get the tickets now and make the plans, because post-holidays, you’re going to be exhausted and beat, and you’re not going to be able to plan an epic musical adventure to the tropics.

Do it now!

East Coast Album Release Tour!

Here we come, East Coast.  Starting with a pinch of MerleFest, and adding some club dates, stirring in a strong helping of DelFest, and some serious frequent flyer miles, and we have the recipe perfected for some bizarre, nation-crossing touring.

All the upcoming tour dates can be seen here (and you can also score them tickets).

Hope to see many familiar faces on the green and humid roads out East!

Arizona – Texas – West Virginia

Hail hail good folk!

This was me, knee deep in a gorgeous river, getting ready with my vocal warmups for our Old Settler’s set.  Life is pretty good.

You can have a lot of fun by looking at our tour schedule and trying to figure out how in the hell we’re going to get to these destinations at these times and by what means.  Plane?  Train?  Automobile?  (great movie, by the way).

I’m in Wimberley, Texas right now drinking great coffee, and checking in.  There’s lots to say – which will end up in a blog post soon – and some news to report which we’ll give a quick once-over on here:

Comatopia dates are announced – August 12 – 14!  We’ll do an official announce, and start posting lineups and schedules on the official page soon.  But for those of you who were curious – It’s f&*^%$@#n ON.

We just played Old Settler’s  last night in Driftwood, TX and it was amazing.  Damn fun.

We’ll be on the radio Sunday night on Mountain Stage out of West Virginia – so tune in!

Take care out there all, and we’ll see you soon.