The Brothers Comatose

Jam Cruise!


Ladies and Gentlemen –

Grab your thongs and your rum, we’re headed to the tropics… in January 0f 2017.

But seriously, folks – feast your eyes on the list of bands for Jam Cruise 15 that will be rocking and jamming their way across the seven seas!  It will be amazing!  My hope:  Alex sits in and adds some tasty banjo to the Funky Meters.  I get to go up and play some bass with Benevento Russo Duo.  Ben does guest vocals (1612) with Volfpeck.  Can’t wait.

Get the tickets now and make the plans, because post-holidays, you’re going to be exhausted and beat, and you’re not going to be able to plan an epic musical adventure to the tropics.

Do it now!

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