The Brothers Comatose


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Comatopia – land of music, camping, great hangs and damn good times.

We are very proud to announce this year’s schedule and lineup on the official Comatopia site!

Reserve your spot and get them tickets because it’s a cute, small, furry little festy! ¬†August 12-14 in Calpine, California!

Can’t wait to see you up there, folks. ¬†Get those tickets, and bring your tent and dancing shoes!

4 thoughts on “COMATOPIA 2016!!”

  1. gio Post author

    Mike – not yet! Sorry. We’ll holler as soon as we get the intel from our agents in the field.

  2. gio Post author

    Nate – Thanks for getting in touch. The artists for the festival usually come from the bands and friends we make out and about on the road, at festivals, or just through our music friends. But we’re happy to check out your band if you’re interested in the festival! You can get in touch with us through the management link on the contact page, or hit up Rick (our manager) here:

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