The Brothers Comatose

We Love You, Comatopians.

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Holy Calpine, Batman.

That was one amazing weekend.  Thanks to all of you good people that cruised out for this and partied with us for 3 days.  Some highlights from my side of things?

  • Getting to shred some electric with the world’s Preeminent Brothers Comatose cover band, Buck Wild and the Boss Hossers.
  • Listening to all my friends’ bands make amazing music
  • Kickball Championship of the World Part II, with the Coffis Brothers earning MVP status with an epic bottom of the 9th, come from behind victory.
  • Seeing The Van again.
  • Playing music and jamming with all of y’alls.
  • Porch hangouts.
  • Did I mention the Kickball game yet?

What I’m trying to get at is that there were tons of highlights.  And it was fun.  The most fun we have at a festival all year.

Thanks for coming, and we’re already planning to make next year even better.

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