The Brothers Comatose

We Love You, Comatopians.

Holy Calpine, Batman.

That was one amazing weekend.  Thanks to all of you good people that cruised out for this and partied with us for 3 days.  Some highlights from my side of things?

  • Getting to shred some electric with the world’s Preeminent Brothers Comatose cover band, Buck Wild and the Boss Hossers.
  • Listening to all my friends’ bands make amazing music
  • Kickball Championship of the World Part II, with the Coffis Brothers earning MVP status with an epic bottom of the 9th, come from behind victory.
  • Seeing The Van again.
  • Playing music and jamming with all of y’alls.
  • Porch hangouts.
  • Did I mention the Kickball game yet?

What I’m trying to get at is that there were tons of highlights.  And it was fun.  The most fun we have at a festival all year.

Thanks for coming, and we’re already planning to make next year even better.

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