The Brothers Comatose

September 2016

We’re Touring. On Horses

We’re going to tour on horses through the foothills of the Sierras!

If I was you, I’d bring some hemorrhoid cream and ice packs to each show, and see which one of us breaks first.

We’re doing the tour with our friend Ismay and it should be tons of fun.  We’ll be absolutely sure to document the tomfoolery (thanks to the video skills of Colin Blackshear and company – the team responsible for our Black Light Moon video -) and share it with you all… I’m sorry ~** y’all **~ as soon as we can.

Grab your tickets to the grand finale show right here!

If you have any spare wranglers, chaps, boots, hats, bolo ties, padded saddles, maps of the foothills, or horseback riding lesson coupons, send them to:

Thanks for the support!