The Brothers Comatose

October 2016

Happy Halloween


Our bassist, Gio Benedetti, loves the metal (and I’m writing this post).  He (I) tries to sneak some into the shows every once in a while.  You might notice some excessive head banging, and the gratuitous use of his (my) distortion pedal during our acoustic, string-band sets.

What happens to all of this pent-up metal energy while we’re (I’m) touring in a string band all year?  It gets focused, distilled and made powerful through repression and frustration.  And now, you can all hear the fruits of this most brutal of metal-distillation processes.

We have 4 Brothers Comatose songs all metal-ified.  Gio (still me) arranged it all, put it together, and rocked the guitars, bass, and drums (programmed – not live.  Sorry). Ryan shredded the solo on Valerie, and Ben and Alex put on Corpse Paint and laid down some doom vocals, and we made this.  Enjoy.

We’ll see all you Colorado folk this weekend as we open up for Rising Appalachia on Thursday and Friday!  Can’t wait to see you all!