The Brothers Comatose

December 2016

New Covers EP!

Folks, we made a new thing!

It’s a covers EP, and we are playing some songs that other people wrote, but that we love and just had to get our mitts on.  We have some Hank Williams, some Cake, some Huey Lewis (hi Huey!), and some Ryan Adams on there for your enjoyment.  And ours.

Click here to stream it or download!

Also, we’ll see you at the New Year’s Eve shows.

Get your tickets here.



NYE & NW Tours

Hail hail folks!

Behold the slides that do slideth above thee!

We’re taking to the deep reaches of outer space for our NYE shows.  It’s a very deep and old tradition among bluegrass and string bands to have science fiction themed shows / albums / songs / clothes.  (We all remember those famous albums, “Gravity & Singularity” by Flatt and Scruggs, and the classic “Theories of the Multiverse” by The Stanley Brothers.)

We’ll see you in deep space at the end of the month!

Also, we’ll see you all over the damn place in February and March.  We’re winging our way back through the Northwest, and we’ll be stomping in all of our favorite and beloved stomping grounds.  Please come out and stomp with us.

Check out the tour dates for all the details and ticket links.

Stay warm folks, and happy holidays!