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March 31, 2017, we’re playing a giant beer party in the East Bay.  The UC Theater will be hosting Fieldwork Brewing’s 2nd anniversary party, and we’re headlining.  There’s a very cute livestream video here that Ben and Alex did to promote it.  Let’s take bets starting now for:

  • most likely member of the band to come on stage very drunk on delicious Fieldwork beer.
  • most likely member of the band to not drink any beer, but poke sober fun at drunk members on stage.
  • most likely member of the band to shred a tasty bass solo, melting faces, and inspiring his fellow band mates to – finally – become a metal band.

Winner gets the pride and joy of being right, knowing us too well, and selecting good beer parties to party at.

GET TICKETS HERE! It will be my birthday, so come and enjoy the spectacle as I’ll be looking for ways to prove myself in the vain effort to deny the wheel of time’s constant grinding upon my mortal coil.

We’re also touring.

We’re leaving in late February for a Northwest tour with some awesome friends – The Rainbow Girls (who will be along for the whole tour) and our buddies Hillstomp (who will be along for only select dates.  John, Henry – I am totally down for sitting in on bass.  You know.  If you’re looking to shake up that duo thing…  just sayin’…)  Get tickets to that RIGHT HERE!

We’re also heading to the tropics…  very soon.

We leave in two days to go on a cruise.  This will be the first cruise of my life.  It will be a Jam Cruise.  Please don’t ask me how our band has gotten onto this cruise, and please don’t tell Jam Cruise that we may not (really don’t) know how to ‘jam’, as the hep cats say.  We will, I assume, be given some instructional materials and a ‘jam coach’, to see us through the cruise. Expect lots more ‘jamming,’ ‘stretching out,’ and ‘serious wankage,’ when we get back port-side. (Is that correct?  Starboard?  The poop deck?  I am not nautically trained.  Will we be hoisting sails and singing lusty songs whilst we work and chew our hard tack?  Only time will tell.  Jam Cruise, here we come.)

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