The Brothers Comatose

Gio’s Notes to Self

We were driving home from Sacramento last night at some ungodly hour, and I was remarking to Ben all the things I should write down for our tour stops, so as to not make the same terrible mistakes time after time at the same places.  Terrible mistakes.  About carnitas.  I was thinking – make a note in my phone; record a quick voice memo; scratch it out in a  journal? …

And then Ben said: “use the blog.”   He’s so wise!  I think it’s the hat.

So – here’s a blog post that isn’t exactly a Coffee report, though coffee will be reported on.  It’s a note to myself so that I can know better how to navigate Chico and Sacramento in those two most important aspects of touring:  food & coffee.

Notes to self:   Dear Gio,

Chico crowds are party crowds: take naps before Chico shows, and be prepared for anything.  Anything.

Naked Lounge in Chico has awesome coffee and – on Saturday mornings – a record swap / live DJ.  Perfect.

Don’t eat Chicken Tikka Masala before shows ever again.

At La Fiesta Taqueria in Sacramento, dear Gio, you always order pastor, chicken and carnitas tacos, because you can’t remember which of them you like.  You like the pastor and the chicken.  Stop ordering their carnitas.

…on a related note:  the carnitas at Gordo’s taco truck in Chico is (are?) awesome.  Order carnitas there.

Old Soul coffee in Sacramento is an Emperor’s New Clothes coffee shop.  You don’t like their coffee or their roasting philosophy… or their idea that one barrista is enough barristas to both take orders and make orders.   If you ever go back there, bring your sandwich board, pamphlets, and megaphone and do your Dark Roast Evangelizing in front of their misguided shop.**

The people at Fieldwork brewery are awesome.  Give them lots of high fives.

**I get that some people like the light roast stuff.  But some of us like earthy, roasty-toasty, salt-of-the-earth, make-me-feel-something-in-my-soul coffee.  Some people like to read lots of historical fiction – or non-fiction best sellers.  If I opened a bookstore, I would stock those books – even though I don’t read them.  But I would also stock the books I like.  Right?  Can’t we have both?  Oh, light roast coffee shops, why must we be such bitter (ha!) enemies??

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