The Brothers Comatose

Spring Tour! Midwest – we come for thee!

Confession time.

We have neglected a lot of states.  Many a wonderful town full of beautiful, wonderful, music-loving souls we have forsaken in recent years.  My pin-map of our tour spots has a gaping, sad hole in the middle-ish area of the country.

We remedy this starting next week!

Check out them tour dates, folks!

Can’t wait to see you and have you tell me the best place to get deep, dark, roasty, toasty espresso in your town.

See you soon!

2 thoughts on “Spring Tour! Midwest – we come for thee!”

  1. Austin

    If Y’all roll thru Seattle before or after the Yakima show check out Van Gogh Coffeehouse. My GF (a Comatopian) is an awesome Barista and would be happy to help ya out in your espresso quest! She also regularly plays Brothers Comatose in the mornings at the Coffeehouse! Keep on rockin’ guys!

  2. gio Post author

    Austin – this is the kind of tip that I treasure and love. Thanks tons. We will do our best to get there – our time schedule around Yakima is hectic, but if there’s espresso to be had, I am there. Thanks!

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