The Brothers Comatose

Campfire Caravan: Episode 1


We are here, caravanning and campfireing.

I’m in Billings, Montana at a killer coffee shop (massive high-fives to MoAV coffee) which is – blessedly, mercifully, thankfully, right around the corner from the venue.  I’m listening to my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist which I’ve been working with great effort and focus to hone and curate into the cornucopia of heavy, sludgy, doomy, death-y, metal-y offerings it now is.

It’s enough to make one ponder on the ways of the music industry today.  Here I am, in a band, trying to stretch together meager ends that won’t quite meet, wishing there was a way for music to generate more income, and here I am streaming tunes from bands.  Paying pennies on the dollar for the kickass music they’ve made that I enjoy.  And Spotify gets my monthly subscription fee.  Hmm.  Does it even out because I then go to the shows of said bands?  Putting the money more directly in their hands with my concert patronage?  I say no.  It means that the bands have to – somehow – continually create new music for me to consume the moment it comes out, and simultaneously eternally tour so as to pay their bills.  There’s not enough time in a year, and there’s not enough blood in a body to make that work.

What does that have to do with the Campfire Caravan tour?

I don’t know – I’m high on caffeine and typing to an invisible audience.

Pretty stoked for this tour, folks.  We rehearsed last night and it was just so damn fun to hang out with the folks in Mipso and Lil’ Smokies.  I don’t care about the shows so much – just being around these kickass people and players is going to be a beautiful thing.

Hope you can make it out.  I think we’re touring far enough, wide enough, and long enough to eliminate most excuses.  If you want to be a special Super Friend, come to the show and leave me a:

fantasy/sci-fi book recommendation

coffee shop recommendation

metal/hardcore/punk band recommendation

We have a lot of van time to fill, and I’m always hungry and thirsty for all the above.

See you soon.