The Brothers Comatose

New Limited Edition EP OUT NOW!

Ladies and Gentlemen –

We are proud to release a brand new EP today.

It’s part of an EP trilogy that we’ve got worked up for you.

It follows the saga of a young orphan on a desert planet who will grow to be a powerful Jedi, and save the galaxy…

No – I kid.  It is a trilogy that follows the epic journey of a band of heroes on a quest to destroy a very wicked and powerful ring in a volcano…

Sorry, sorry.  Trilogies are just so damn awesome.  OUR trilogy is not like those other trilogies.  Ours is a series of vinyl 7″ records, and it will chronicle the lives of 5 plucky adventurers with their Gandalf-like producer, John Vanderslice, as they work to – through the magic of analog tape – transfer their hearts and minds into sonic waves for you and your ears to enjoy.

Part 1 is out now and we’re calling it Ink, and we hope you enjoy.  You can buy it here.

(You can check out our most recent single from this EP, Get Me Home, here.  It has the world’s greatest Folk Brawl well documented – also a guest spot by Ben and Alex’s dad, Brad.  He kind of steals the show.)