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Aft Union Agreement

AFT assists its local subsidiaries, community partners and management partners in launching the community school strategy. Collective bargaining is another entry point for union leaders who are committed to this strategy. Through collective bargaining, we can help build programs and services that strengthen the bonds between schools, families and the community as a whole, and bring schools back to their home place. During negotiations on the 2019-2021 succession agreement, the parties agreed, upon ratification, to the following lump sum: workers with active employment or more than 33 FTEs and, as part of their salary status in the fall 2018 quarter, will receive a one-time lump sum payment of three hundred dollars ($300). This amount is income subject to current deductions. Each party may inform the other party in writing of its intention to enter into negotiations on an estate agreement at least sixty (60) days before the expiry date of the current agreement. 3.1. Royalty deduction. After a single worker is allowed to become a member of the Union and pay dues, the university pays denern`s wage deductions.

The university will comply with the terms and conditions of each employee`s signed membership card, with the union`s permission. The Union communicates to the employer, on the reference date, for each period of pay, the name and identification number of the staff of the workers who, since the previous reference date, have granted an authorisation to deduct the rights or have changed their authorisation to deduct VAT upstream. 19.3. Changes to the NOT form. If changes to the PAS form are required, they will be discussed at a meeting of the Laboratory Management Committee and, if agreement is reached on the amendments by September 15, they will be implemented for the following academic year. 2.14. Under-designated: the main responsibility of under-design is to cover teaching when a regularly assigned teacher is absent. The amount of the sub-project ETP is maintained at 50% per quarter of the academic year and 33% in the summer term, unless management anticipates, before a given quarter, that there are not enough enrolments to support these FTEs. If the work of the designated subs is reduced, management will notify the union prior to the publication of the interim education plan. Quarterly Start-up Plans.

Participation in program start-up tasks is assessed on the basis of the number of hours of classes or new hours allocated up to a maximum of six (6) hours per week. Derogations from the number of hours can be made by the management and the extension teacher. Duration: This agreement will enter into force on March 5, 2019 and will remain in effect until June 30, 2021. Points of this agreement are not deferred to the effective date. 7.4.3. Step 2. If no agreement is reached at Stage 1, the Union can advance the complaint to Stage 2 by providing a written statement of the complaint by e-mail, including all annexes, with the delivery of the original documents on the same day, including all annexes to the Continuum College Vice-Provost, with a copy sent to the Director of Labour Relations , to the Senior Director of IELP and UWC2 Human Resources within seven (7) days of receiving the written response to the first bar, forwarded.