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American Express Serve Consumer User Agreement

Free Benefits: American Express benefits include purchase protection, fraud protection, travel protection and 24/7 customer service. There is no fee to pay the bill online, send and receive money, money aside in reserves. Tracking information is denied in case of late payments. Therefore, uncertain and unreliable. You can use the card for Apple Pay at a limited capacity. You can make traditional purchases, but not be able to pay your friends per message, for example. In the event of a traditional purchase, any amount with Apple Pay Server refuses the transaction. Every time. On the other hand, it is based on familiar activities. You put a longer stop on all repayment credits. There`s no reason. They charge extra for certain bookings and then reserve the actual amount when processed.

This is what happens for retailers who don`t need additional orders from Amazon Prime. Contrary to the hypothesis, it is not accepted everywhere. There are still unique places that American Express does not use because of their high rates. After almost five years, I close my account. I had the classic service account, it would charge from my Flexperks 1-5 days account, and with visa gift cards and PayPal debit cards to Wall mart 2,500 loads a few days a month. Then you pay 2 different mortgages with him. When the closure was announced on the various sites, my card was still in order, but I could not unload loads at Wall Mart. So I tried to load money on Rite Aid and CVS. They both had mistakes. Then, last night, when I tried to create the Flexperks account load, I received the same message: “Because of suspicious activity on your account, you can no longer charge money.” So I paid my mortgage with the balance and I now have a zero balance. Wait to see if they have closed the account. I`m thinking about stopping it on my own.

This may be the only case I`ve heard of, where an account was closed and then reopened without any user intervention. I have the same email too and just wrote this post: This link shows the old terms AMEX Serve: you won`t return the money to fight them now.