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The Great Northwest + best show ever?


Dammit, anyway.  Too much time inbetween these blog posts.  Dear tech industry:  please work on the chip I can install into my noggin so that while we are playing awesome shows I can directly upload footage via my eyeballs, and text via telepathy so that I can stay up to date and fresh on these blog posts!

From where we left off:

Yes, it was raining in Seattle, and yes we played anyway.  The wind was ripping through the courtyard we played – and ripping through the microphones.  It was like listening to us and a soundtrack of you with your head out the window of a car on the freeway at the same time.  Pretty crazy.  We had some lovely die-hards hunker down, bundle up and rock with us for the afternoon and, I’m sure, hordes and hordes of frothing Comatosians held back due to the shoddy weather.  Alas.

We piled into the van post-show (a moment to complain about Seattle traffic and parking) and made for… PASEO!!!!  Holy good gracious sakes alive, folks.  The long awaited return to Paseo and the most perfect sandwich in the known world.  It had been 16 long months, and absence had made the heart grow fonder.  The sandwich lived up to all expectations.  It also sat like a little happy food-diety in my belly for many hours after.  Oh, Cuban Roast, why are you so far away?

Our real and final destination was The Roost in Bellingham.  You may remember The Roost from such previous blog posts as “We love the Roost” and “The Show at the Roost last April was Cussin’ Amazing,”  and other similarly named titles. It is easy to feel at home there – Nick and Jonah see to that personally.  They even had a giant chili feast that they shared with us.  In the photo below, it’s not that my neck disappeared while on tour, it is just relaxing deep into my body after Cuban Roasts and chili, and is happy to be at a sweet home away from home:

the brothers comatose at the roost in bellingham

(* just tried to post the completed blog and it deleted about 4 paragraphs about The Roost and Bainbridge – so sorry, but I’ll have to give the edited version here *)

The Roost gave us a serious contender for best show ever.  The room was a full, sweaty, singing, stomping, dancing container of revelry.  It was perfect.  It was what you hope every show would be.  Thanks to all of our friends we met last April who turned out – thanks for all the new friends who gave it a shot, and thanks so much to Jonah for bringing us back and Nick for hosting.  We love the cussin’ Roost.  Can’t wait to get back.

The next day our mission was to make the ferry and get on Bainbridge Island for our Treehouse Cafe show.  The Treehouse Cafe is like the isle of the Sirens from The Odyssy.  They have delicious (and free) coffee, delicious (and free) food, and staff of gorgeous ladies running the show.  It is an amazing place to end up after being on the road for days and days.  We had a great time back on the stage – so good to see our NW Grandma come out for the show – good to see Mike and Kyle again, and a big thanks to The Brothers Avallone for rallying the troops.  We crashed out that night on the island (thanks Jenna!) and this was our view the next morning:

We got to sleep on things called beds.  It was glorious.  We even got in a load of laundry.  

That was yesterday morning.  We drove all day and part of the night to get to Bozeman, Montana, where I am typing from right now.  Montana is (sorry if you’re getting tired of this) beautiful and scenic, and a wonderful place to look at.  Hoping to spend some time in a music store, a Library, and an office-supply store today.  Lots of work to be done before we open tonight for Charlie Parr at the Filling Station.  We hear it’s a good place.  Looking forward to playing with such a badass.  

I’ll leave you with some sweet sounds from the esteemed Mr. Charlie Parr:

NORTHERN OUTPOST – Bonus #2 – Charlie Parr from Northern Outpost on Vimeo.

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